“If you want to go out with her or give her a bath” by Julia in the office chair

Thursday March 8, 2018
5 minutess
From a text

Lottie ain’t gonna fightcha, if ya’ll wanna take her out or give her a nice scrubbin’, be my guest, understand? She used to put up a stink, but I think the old gal has gotten tired and to be honest I think she likes the company different these days. When we first got her, boy could she kick a hole in all your hard work! The fences that Horace put up? Took him the whole damn summer. When he left for two minutes to fetch himself a congratulatory beer Lottie had already marked her exit route. You shoulda seen his face, my god. If he didn’t already feel bad for the poor thing, he mightta sold her that very day. Thing is, Lottie came from a bad group. The owners liked to use their animals for experiments in show business-Kind of impossible circus types.

“Fire between my thighs” by Sasha on her couch

Friday, September 27, 2013
5 minutes
Dirty Old Fire
Lindsay Crosby

I always do spectacular things in Fall.
I autumn into love and run away with a bearded lady and her triplets.
They’ve left the Circus (aka the City).
She buys a piece of property with a well and an apple orchard.
The triplets and I press cider, mould pie lattice and simmer sauce on the gas stove that you have to light with a match (or a cigarette).
The lady smokes a pipe.
The triplets go to bed at eight, which leaves a whole lifetime for just adult-talk.
She tells me about their father and how he was softer than a peach.
She found him at a Salvation Army.
She left him in Idaho.
Sometimes I sleep with the triplets, in their King size bed, all in a row.
I sleep at the foot, length-wise, and their tiny toes dance into my dreams.