“And you intend to remain there a few days” by Sasha on the living room floor

Monday June 1, 2020
5 minutes
Murder on the Orient Express
Agatha Christie

You intend to remain in your sad place for a few days
build a little fire in the stove

fry some eggs in the cast iron skillet when you get hungry
You’ll write an angsty poem or three
Try to catch a frog

You’ll be pleasantly surprised when a dragonfly lands on
the tip of your nose

This is not the kind of event that you’ve come to expect

You had intended to swim out to the island a ways away
lie in the tall grass
tempt lightning

The storm blows over and you’re left with a sunset
that turns your stomach
loons calling to each other
or to you

“but what disturbed that idea” by Julia at her desk

Saturday March 14, 2020
5 minutes
The War of the Worlds
H. G. Wells

We were going to leave. Leave for a while, you know, nothing permanent, nothing too far out there, but things have changed since we said we’d do it. We told only a few people but that’s because we were trying to go off the grid in a casual, ghost-like way. If we left our current lives quietly, nobody would have any suspicions raised because there’d be no one sounding the alarm, and by the time they noticed, by the time they came looking for us we’d be far enough gone that they wouldn’t be able to interfere. Although we were worried about that slight possibility, we knew that most people cared about themselves more than what we were doing so the reality of us being persons of interest was not one we’d have to face. That being said, we were slightly concerned that Canada Post would be the first to realize that we had left. They tend to be the most aggressive about people especially when they’re trying to deliver your mail but can’t seem to do that if your mailbox is too full. That’s when they start keeping tabs on you to make sure this is, after all, your true address, and you, after all, are a true citizen.

We had rented a small cabin in a place I will no longer share, in case we can still access it. I shouldn’t have said cabin, but maybe that won’t matter either after any of this. What disturbed the idea of us going was the whistle from the morning bird; calling us, calling us, calling us.

“two mirrors facing” by Julia at the studio

Monday June 24, 2019
5 minutes
from an old vision board

I stuck a mirror in my makeup bag in case your aunt doesn’t have any mirrors,
or in case I can’t go a few days without looking at myself.
You are cool with this no electricity, no running water thing, and I am cool.
I am very cool about it. I have only thought about how I will dry my hair once, and the answer is AIR.
So that’s cool.
I have never showered in a lake before which I think I’m going to like.
Unless your aunt and her people all go down their naked together?
They’re not going to ask to shower with us are they?
Never mind, don’t answer that. I am very cool.

I also packed some pads. I’m not looking forward to having my period
on a paper plate again, so I’ll just..free-bleed..so all good.
Oh the plate? Yeah that was at a different cottage with running water and stuff
just the pipes froze over and we couldn’t use any of it.
I was bringing my blood on a plate out into the snow and burying it like a squirrel.
I don’t know if squirrels bury things like blood, but if so, we are all cool, all of us.

I wrote a note to our former selves because I’ve heard that living without
wifi for more than 24 hours really changes a person.
I wrote: You love each other, just because you can’t upload a picture of this
doesn’t mean it’s not happening!

““Ha, ha, we’re all in this together” faces” by Sasha on the porch at Joe Creek

Wednesday, July 29, 2015
5 minutes
from http://www.flare.com/health/monica-heisey-tried-it-sweat-your-ass-off-fitness-class/

The butter isn’t cold enough. Your Mom is reading Oprah’s magazine (a Christmas issue from 2011) on the couch and I call to her, “This’ll only take about ten minutes!” There’s no way I’ve fooled her. No way. I’ve got all the ingredients lined up on the counter. You and your father will return in approximately forty five minutes from fishing and expect lunch. I made it sound like baking a pie was no biggie but, truth be told, it’s a huge biggie, the biggest biggie. I’ve never made a pie. That’s a lie. I’ve made a pie, what idiot hasn’t made a pie? I’ve never made a crust.

Why must the butter be cold, you ask? While I’m not a profesh baker, I am a profesh scientist. Not really. We use cold butter because butter is made of yummy fats and water. When the pie goes into that sexy preheated oven the water evaporates quickly and creates that sweet-dreams-are-made-of-this flaky pie crust.

“there’s plenty for everyone to do.” by Sasha at the Loft in Portland

Sunday December 14
5 minutes
Eyewitness Travel London

When we find our way back to the cabin, we’re laughing.
We’re drunk on the highs and lows of love and winter.
When we sit in front of the roaring fire we make jokes about the times we were dumber.
“We weren’t dumb,” you say.
“We were free then,” you say.

You make stew with lamb and sweet potatoes.
I chop wood.
Snow starts to fall and comes down like a dusting of possibility.

The candles burn low.
I peel clementines and toss the rind on the fire.
We’re in Florida for a few minutes.
In the oranges groves of your grandfather’s farm.

“in the passenger seat” by Julia at her desk

Sunday October 26, 2014
5 minutes
from the early draft of a screenplay

Anja sat quietly in the front seat, not wanting to disturb her father while he was lost. She knew she’d only have a few more calm minutes with him before he lost his temper, and she didn’t want to reduce them by saying the wrong thing, or breathing too loudly. Anja had wanted to go up to the cabin with her father ever since she was a kid, but for some reason they never did things just the two of them. Of course Pat got to do everything with their father, and he’d come home shining like the sun after a weekend alone with him. Anja knew she didn’t have much to say to her father, but always assumed that was because she never got to go on these trips like her brother did. If she had had the opportunity, she would have made herself known. She would have told a few jokes and proven how strong she was, and fearless. It felt like the two of them, finally spending some quality time together, had been driving in circles for at least an hour. Anja wondered briefly if this moment would be enough to bring them closer together.

“will rest my head.” By Sasha on the subway

Saturday May 4, 2013
5 minutes
A Midsummer Night’s Dream

There was never a spot like Jenny’s Cabin, never a place I felt more safe or more happy. I’d spent as many weekends there in the summer as I could muster, and chose my day camp counsellor job accordingly (monday to friday). It was on a small lake near Georgian Bay. Jenny had met my mother at the library but when we’d had her over for dinner it was her and I that actually connected. My mother was a bit disappointed but nothing she couldn’t get over with a few gin and tonic’s and a Harlequin Romance. Jenny would take me to Shopper’s and give me a twenty to buy whatever I wanted. She knew how important a drugstore was to a seventeen year old. All summer long I’d take the bus up to the on Fridays at five thirty and Jenny would pick me up. Sometimes she’d be wearing her tiger print bikini with a pair of overalls. That was my favorite. Jenny told me about blow jobs, the importance of eating vegetables, and not sacrificing what you want for a man. We’d spend hours in the lake, we’d smoke joints while treading water, laughing til we peed.

“A radio was knocked off a table.” by Julia at Rustic Owl Cafe

Saturday,December 1, 2012 at Rustic Owl Cafe
5 minutes
Susan Minot

Somebody stop the music? I can’t hear the music anymore and I’ve been sittin’ here almost an hour or two now. Could be three, to tell ya the truth! Ha! I swears I’m goin’ deaf in my left ear anyway. Maybe the music is gone but just in the side of my body that can’t hear. Maybe the music is in the right and I just needs to listen harder. Oh, who knows anythin’ about anythin’ anymore. Are we a bunch of rats just scrapin’ around for a couple of left over cheese bis on the ground? Or do we not need more than that to get by?

Nice place ya got here. It reminds me of them old wood cabins that look like they’d be real cold but they sure are warm enough to keep you sane! I remember visitin’ my Annabell’s cottage over a decade ago and I was prepared to shake my buns off that entire weekend. She told me it was about time I got myself up there to visit. I knew she wanted me there for the kids, first, but also so she could keep a watch on me. Now I don’t go around pretendin’ to be better than I am. I knows exactly who I am and I don’t need nobody to tell me twice. But, I can’t lie about feelin’ a bit inadequate when my daughter feels the need to keep her eye on me just in case I go off the deep end.