“The ads were put on billboards” by Julia at the cabin in Galina Bay

Wednesday June 26, 2019
5 minutes
The Tipping Point
Malcolm Gladwell

I’ve been told recently that bats love mosquitoes and will eat a billion of them at once. Why did I grow up thinking bats were scary? Because they are doing the Lord’s work as far as I’m concerned and I could have been team bats my whole life. Also team swallow. Also team whatever else wants to eat them. There was no ad on a billboard anywhere with the information. There always seems to be the wrong information on billboards. More cleavage more money more perfect teeth for perfect existence. I just want to know who’s out there fighting the good fight. I just want to know which creatures eat mosquitoes and which animals to pray to. I want to know what kind of bones are good to give a dog (raw) and how to spot a pile of bear shit (berries), or that this feeling will one day be a new feeling and I will be okay.

“their best shots are” by Julia at her desk

Friday, July 26, 2013
5 minutes
The Cut-Up Method of Brion Gysin

Like bats in the night they creep up on you. They hold you hostage with their rodent-pitched squeaking and then fly around your head making you dizzy until you’re so dizzy you have no choice but to close your eyes and pretend nothing’s there–even though you can hear it and ‘it’ sounds wild or distressed. And you think with every part of you that the bats want nothing but your blood. Your demise. Your fall from grace. You think to yourself, “How nice and soft death would be.”…Better than the hell you’re in right now. Better than the story you’d tell to haunt the neighbours or your grandchildren when you acquire either of them. Those are what they’re like. Masked versions of everything you fear–the enemy’s rifle locked and loaded and ready to shoot. They’ve already won. Your mind is too weak for getting out of here alive. And they know that.