“This song.” by Julia on her couch

Monday March 11, 2019
5 minutes
Richard Price

Might be the thing I tell you
Might be the first thing I say
Baby you’re not going to well up
Your eyes don’t work that way
Might be the thing you remember
Might be the last thing you hear
Darlin’ I can’t stop myself thinking
That I’ll be the one shedding these tears
Some of these days will be dipped in summer’s haze and we won’t be able to see the cracks
But when it gets cold and the winter wind blows, we’ll be left with all of the cruel facts
Might be the thing I tell you
Might be the first thing I say
I wish it were different but now I’m a lingerin’ even though I cannot stay
I’ll miss you the most in the mornin
Cause that’s where our bodies would meet
These blankets with only me will get so lonely without you beside me

“I can’t even go on Facebook today” by Julia on the subway going west

Wednesday, July 10, 2013
5 minutes
Overheard by Sasha in the rehearsal hall

I’m avoiding Vicky because I know she’s coming to town on Sunday and expects to stay at my house. She doesn’t know I don’t have a house anymore and started living in my car because it was cheaper (for one) and it was better fodder for my future novel (the next great Canadian, to be exact). I didn’t want her to know with her accomplished dental hygienist job and her new engagement because she’d disapprove (for one), and she’d blame me for ruining her life goals (because to Vicky, the only important thing she has is Vicky). Probably because she’d feel the need to “reach out” and throw me a couple dollars every time I tried to pay for an effing dinner or breakfast, even. I once found 20 dollars stuffed in my jacket pocket because she couldn’t let it go that I was eating only half pieces of gum at a time. She thought I was doing it because I couldn’t afford to purchase more. It bothers me because Vicky would always say, “Just buy another one, Lay, they’re only $1.49.”