“Rivers till I reach you” by Julia at her desk

Thursday August 3, 2017
5 minutes
Rivers and Roads
The Head and the Heart

I heard the seagulls laughing last night. I don’t think they wanted to be. I don’t know if anyone else noticed. No one seemed to be ducking or running, or telling them to piss off. Maybe it was subtle seagull warning signs meant for the clarvoyant. Maybe that was their gentle way of peeling back the scales on the eye I keep hidden. I thought about listening but then I was too afraid. I did run for a bit. I decided to stay on the sidewalk even though the path up the hill would have been faster. You asked me nicely, that’s the only reason why I don’t do it anymore. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I’m fine and the world might be ending but it hasn’t yet so, all good. And if you want, I can try to let you know if I hear it again. I’ll try to read the room.

“intimacy that typifies our culture” by Sasha in the Kiva

Thursday December 18
5 minutes
The Middle Passage
James Hollis

Bambi is saving up all his old cans for the apocalypse. Mami doesn’t believe in that shit so she rolls her big blue/purple eyes and says, “Bambi, why you got so much fear in there?” He doesn’t answer, he just peels off another label. He’s got a bunker in the garage, Bambi does. Mami never goes in there because she has bad circulation and gets cold hands and feet. She has no idea what he’s done in there. All those cans and buckets of water and rope and a whole lot of tuna fish and SPAM. Mami found a receipt once and she said, “Bambi, why you got all this canned meats?” And Bambi said, “I had a craving, Mami. Relax.” She didn’t like when he said that. She didn’t like it at all.