“But in a poem we can do anything we want.” By Julia on her couch

Friday September 20, 2019
5 minutes
Since You Asked
Lawrence Raab

But we can’t stop anything in a poem. If The Tears are

there, then that’s where they’ll stay. If the lines

he softens on my forehead run as deep as they look

then in this poem I will cry for all the soft I’ve ever

tried to conceal, every rough idea, every gouged edge.

We can cross the rope of a decade and counting, here in

this poem; travel in dreams you want to hear about.

We can lay in the after lull of a couch cradling all the

body parts that caught a child’s scream today.

But we can’t erase what is there. We cannot change the brick.

“Final deadline” by Julia in her bed

Friday October 14, 2016
5 minutes
from the Crazy8s postcard

I wanted you to be gone before you became a baby deer. I looked at you, sorry. Your tiny legs betrayed you. If I could have helped you I would have. If I could have helped you while helping myself I would have.
I would have if I could have.
If I was able.
If I was happy.
If I could trust myself.
If I was happy.
I didn’t want you to know about the storm. I didn’t want you to worry about getting caught in it.