“the great spiritual geniuses” by Sasha at Knowlton Lake

Tuesday April 14, 2020
5 minutes
Quoting Maria Popova

This day
Your thirty first birthday
arrives in a strange time signature with notes you’ve never heard
let alone played.
This day
Your first birthday as a father Your first birthday holding a moon in your open outstretched palms Lifting her up
so she can see the world from
up above
the cascade of giggles you incite in her is angel music
reading her the same books
over and over
bathing her strong body
singing her silly songs
knowing that she is
the best art you’ll ever make
This day
Marking your precious wild heart Celebrating the you that you’ve been
the you that you are the you that you will be
These three men standing shoulder to shoulder These you’s that I have known
and do know
and will know