I would now say it’s obvious” by Sasha at Knowlton Lake

Saturday April 18, 2020
5 minutes
Quoting Ellen Davis

Hilary makes a list of her most burning questions. It’s long. Twelve pages. Double spaced on lined Hilroy paper. She hands it to her mother, whose full name she just learned is Wendy Julianne Renate Goldstein. She addresses it to her mother by this full name, unsure of how to spell “Renate”, spelling it “Renata” and then “Ranata” and then “Renate”. Hilary misses playing soccer with Archie and Luis, doing times tables with the whole class and seeing how Juan looks at Liza’s mouth to copy the numbers she’s saying. She misses the smell of Ms. Polly sharpening pencils. She misses the sound at recess, stopping in the centre of the school yard and letting all the rush happen around her, the frenetic joy of one hundred and twenty kids burning off their tuna sandwiches, their fruit roll ups, their leftover souvlaki, their orange wedges. The list is so long that I couldn’t possibly do it justice, but the questions that stand out to Wendy, the questions that Wendy will never forget and will tell to anyone who will listen sixty years from now are: “What is the weather?” “Why do we love?” “What do you hear when you die?”