“Safely secured a nib into our pens” by Sasha at Knowlton Lake

Monday April 6, 2020
5 minutes
Rosemary And Oranges
Patrizia Chen

Paper birch shedding her paper for me to find the answer on
The red-winged blackbirds travel in pairs through
the mush and pussy willows
Burping fluff like a wish or a smoke ring
Dew on my lips as I kiss a million goodbyes

Safely is the colour blue in the ink on the page
A lined notebook I spent too much money on
holds all the fervour and faith
frailty and doubt
fantasy and gratitude
Owl calls close by
the sound that my mother asks about

I am alight with the kaleidoscope
of possible outcomes
Hungry for what might be
I trace my lifeline like I have
any idea where it’s leading
aside from off my palm
and into the cooling air