“You soda cracker!” By Sasha in her living room

Wednesday December 25, 2019
5 minutes
Soda Cracker 
Raymond Carver
You clear your throat. We’re in business. You obsessively check your phone to see if whoever it is that you’re dating right now might’ve texted. You told me last time you came over that you’re not going to bench people anymore. Either they are in the game or they are out. I didn’t know the term, but quickly caught on. You eat my leftover roti and drink a can of beer that belongs to my roommate. You tell me that you’ll bring beer next time, some for me and some for him. You find an old box of soda crackers in the cupboard and ask if I have peanut butter. “I didn’t eat breakfast!” You furrow your eyebrows. I can’t believe it’s only nine am.