“I have eaten his emptiness” by Sasha at the kitchen table on Nassau Street

Saturday November 30, 2019
Visit from an incubus 
Laura Murphy
Look, I’m glad that you reached out to Barry. I’m glad that he responded. I’m glad that you met him at the Starbucks on Queen Street. I’m sorry that he didn’t mention how different you looked, how different you feel, how much you’ve changed, how much you’ve become yourself. Some people aren’t looking, not really. Some people like Barry. But, you’ve done it, right? You’ve done it now. It’s done. It can stop taking up so much brain space, right? You can give that space to something else, something more meaningful, something more of the present… Barry left our lives a long time ago, buttercup. Sometimes people go when they are meant to, and things don’t get wrapped up… just how life goes, right? I’m sorry that I yelled when you said that you wanted to get in touch with him. You had your own relationship with the guy. My relationship with him doesn’t have to dictate yours. I guess it just caught me off guard.