“To the future with hope” by Sasha in her bed

Friday November 1, 2019
5 minutes
St. John’s School Motto

I try to write my letters to the future with hope in my pen

Free flowing blue and green turn to 

Where will we be with the storm comes?

Shake the dreams of rose gardens and squash blossoms 

Loosen the grip of even trying to imagine

Let alone plan

It’s in the quiet that possibilities creep in

Ink across a strange page

My daughter’s squeals in the next room

Getting her diaper changed

Climate collapse isn’t the story I was promised

Isn’t the dream I was told would come true

“Anything is possible”

Three words bigger than a 


A grief catches in my throat most days

And it’s not for my puny hurts

It’s hard to wrap our hearts around the severity

Of it all