“There are points of high silence” by Julia at her desk

Thursday September 19, 2019
5 minutes
The Lawyer
Carl Sandburg

In the severance of us, the split ship
one half now sinking and I play the part

Did you ever know me the way you said
you would, or were you filling pockets

of space with words, spiked, a quiet
fizz into the drink and I’m none the wiser

Who said it first? Don’t speak if you…
Don’t speak if you can’t…

The pebble in my throat throbs on and
in the morning, waking to find that

I did in fact swallow this painful pit,
that this is no dream, that you did go

On the wall, the grease of your fingertips,
tracks of your talking forevers but no body attached,

no hands

no arms

Were you changing the air with all the
great ideas, and who said it first?

Don’t speak if you can’t improve
the silence

“There are points of high silence” By Sasha at the dining room table on Oak Dr.

Thursday, September 19, 2019
5 minutes
The Lawyer
Carl Sandburg
There are points of high silence when even the birds with the white wings are quiet and the oak tree in the front yard doesn’t move a muscle
This is the place where the grief can finally come and settle in around my feet
a warm dog yelping in her sleep

I learn more about the expansiveness of generosity these days than I do about the ravages of betrayal and that is a surprise like none other

like the timing of death
and of birth

Some things are independent of our choosing