“beauty care products that deliver” by Sasha at her desk

Sunday July 21, 2018
5 minutes
Live-clean soap label

The older she gets the more she cares
about what she puts on her skin
it should be something you’d eat really
She curses the drugstore bullshit
of her teenage years
wonders about the lasting poison
in her pores probably gone now
Our cells regenerate completely
every seven years right
must be
long gone by now

Now she moisturizes with coconut oil
slathers herself in it after a bath
before bed and doesn’t mind if her
sheets get slippery
Smells like a tropical vacation

“beauty care products that deliver” by Julia in Baden

Sunday July 21, 2018
5 minutes
Live-clean soap label

You could go in there, Lamby, and ask them to test their luxury soaps and they’ll let you! You don’t even have to tell them you have sensitive skin! I think they hope you buy something, but mostly they don’t care at ALL.

I went in there last weekend and saw a soap that had raspberry seeds inside it. For a scrub. It was so pretty. I also saw a corn on the cob face toner. No seriously, Lamby, the toner was yellow. They told me how it worked but I was in such shock I didn’t retain any of it! It was expensive too. So I asked to try it and they let me and I don’t know how they do it but having it on my face just felt right.

Everybody who works there walks around wearing lip liner and cold heart. It’s very thrilling.