“cleared brush from the trail” by Julia on the UP

Friday July 19, 2019
5 minutes
Simple Abundance
Sarah Ban Breathnach

It’s in the dream if you need a reference: remember I told you

how unsteady I was and how lipstick ready you were and how you waited

how you cleared the brush from the trail even though the work

was hard and you found thorns in your fingertips

This whole movie, magic, promise unfolded in front of me guided by

the pulse of a metronome keeping time for us since we had suspended

all knowings in the space between us and when I emerged from the

sea wrestling a shark 10 times my size I saw you there plugging in the

blender on the beach (in dreams)
to feed me breakfast, to combine

tastes in my mouth and prove that
you knew what you were doing and

have been waiting for me there or
here or wherever this catapult has flung me

“cleared brush from the trail” by Sasha at her desk

Friday July 19, 2019
5 minutes
Simple Abundance
Sarah Ban Breathnach

It starts as me walking Vinny when Janice, my neighbour, works long hours. She does lighting for films. “I’m happy to,” I say, when Janice blushes and apologizes for how often she’s calling. She doesn’t know that my time with Vinny is the highlight of my day. He looks me right in the eyes and smiles, I swear. I buy him a brush and brush his thick coat when it gets warm. He pants and drools on my leg and I collect the big puffs of his hair. He licks my cheek. We walk the trails close to our building, and I sometimes clear brush or pick up other people’s dog shit. Civic responsibility, I suppose.