“tempted to encourage others with insincere praise.” By Sasha at the airport

Sunday December 30, 2018
5 minutes
Sam Harris

Praise be! The sky is falling!
Praise be! The child in the hand knitted sweater is laughing!
Praise be! Death is knocking at the door and we’re dancing to Klezmer!
Praise be! 2018 is almost over!
Praise be! Soon we’ll fly twelve kilometers above the ground!
Praise be! The bottom is not where you thought it was!
Praise be! There are always more tears!
Praise be! You have a home to go home to!
Praise be! You laugh at your own jokes!
Praise be! You’ve got an orange in your handbag!
Praise be! A hot shower!
Praise be! The birds are scowling!
Praise be! The girl sleeps straddling her mother!
Praise be!

“tempted to encourage others with insincere praise.” by Julia at Amanda’s

Sunday December 30, 2018
5 minutes
Sam Harris

When I was nine we went on an overnight camping trip with our church friends. They were church people, not quite friends, to be honest. Jesus thought it would be good for us to be around all the right-hearted youth so we could learn something. I learned something. I learned I could pee in the middle of the night very quickly. I learned that I was a quick night pee-er when my tent mates told me so. I learned that I could walk in the woods and sing at the same time. I learned that some people are better than me because of their relationship with god.
On the last day our leaders gave out awards to the ____est camper. They gave me the award for “happiest camper”. I was thrilled until Julie Perna got “friendliest” camper and I realized that my award was total bullshit.