“I never tire of saying that” by Sasha at the kitchen table at Bowmore

Saturday December 29, 2018
5 minutes
Man’s Search For Meaning
Viktor E. Frankl

I never tire
I always tire
There isn’t a line between
of looking into my own eyes
of reversing the years of not enough into so much
of being with the ache
of being okay with not being okay

It’s the end of the year
and there’s cobwebs in my ears
in my hair and spiders crawling
across my insides

I see how the hungry ghosts
long for you
for me for us all really
I see how they claw and paw
Bracing for rebuttal
Bracing for a shrug

“I never tire of saying that” by Julia on the Greyhound

Saturday December 29, 2018
5 minutes
Man’s Search For Meaning
Viktor E. Frankl

I tire of saying certain words
I love you
It’s not on purpose but I know what I hate and I say it now to be clear and not cutting
But I never tire of saying what is bigger than me and truer than you
I say it with the inside of my cheek and the silk of my skin
I say it with the moon bearing witness
with the oven mitts on
with the bathroom door open
I want this
I don’t want this
I tire because the struggle of wanting and not wanting is one of deep diving
There is no around it
Above it
Under it
To travel down you have to go through it
And deeper still
The pain is exhaustible and yet there is no shortcut
No other way