“it makes us feel insecure” by Sasha in Mississauga

Saturday December 22, 2018
5 minutes
The Book
Alan Watts

Insecurity via hangnails
Insecurity via show choice
Insecurity via feminism
Insecurity via fear
Insecurity via pressure
Insecurity via body body body body
Insecurity via okay deep breath okay

Full moon in cancer
Leading us backwards and forwards
Mothering the past present future
Reaching towards the love
We’ve always known we deserve

Clean under the stove and hope
There’s no mouse shit
Don’t like mouse shit
Don’t like mice
Clean in the corners where
The dust settles into something

“Whose language would he speak?” by Julia on Amanda’s couch

Friday December 21, 2018
5 minutes
Herman Hesse

when he tries to tell you he doesn’t want you,
maybe that’s his soul speaking about another
place that feels empty
You look like the empty because you are the closest thing to him
You and him standing in the kitchen, throwing words at available skin
But maybe he’s right
Maybe you’re the empty vase
the empty promise
the seat up on a high horse
that you don’t know how to
ride, much less get down from
He might be missing pieces but you are missing parts too:
truth tongue
a pulse

“Whose language would he speak?” By Sasha at Ideal Coffee

Friday December 21, 2018
5 minutes
Herman Hesse

You’re learning Spanish
You fell in love with the
language on our honeymoon
and now you’re teaching

yourself by an app
usually at the end of the day
in our bed you repeat

Lo siento

You’re good with languages
in a way I’m not and I think
about how you’ll help our
daughter with her French homework

I’ll look over and remember
counting to twenty

I was good at a lot of things
but this wasn’t one of them