“take on any city” by Sasha in Whistler

Tuesday October 30, 2018
5 minutes
A Mercedes-Benz ad

Now that we’ve done it once it feels like we could do it again, even though I’m not sure I’d want to or how it will be because everything will be different then. Everything is different now. Everything is always different, I guess.

These last four months the biggest thing I’ve learned is that the only true constant is change. I’m learning that it’s okay that some people come into our lives and make a huge impact, a collosal impact, and then it’s time for them to go. Birth and death. I’m learning about birth and death on every level – the primal and the real and the metaphorical and the guttural.

“take on any city” by Julia on the 99

Tuesday October 30, 2018
5 minutes
A Mercedes-Benz ad

got our bags packed
our walking shoes
makes no difference
to me where we go
with you I cant lose

the salty wind has
been kissing our cheeks
but maybe there’s another
hymn that wants to lull
us to sleep

you’ve decided every
single time but I guess
I’m not the arguing kind
I haven’t been kept up at night so looks like I trust
you babe

There we’ll lean in and
grow into our grandfather skin
treat wednesday night like
sunday morning until we
forget which year it is

cross the path that has
been stepped on many times
by boots of big decision
you and me are going
someday soon