“Embrace Change” by Sasha at her kitchen table

Tuesday October 23, 2018
5 minutes

You say “embrace change” but then you fight it like we all do, kicking, screaming and hating it while it happens. You say “be the light in your life” but when I arrive after you’ve invited me for dinner, dishes are piled high in the sink and you’ve forgotten. You’re in a bath robe. It smells like hamsters. You buy a “Laugh Live Love” print from Home Sense (on sale for twelve ninety nine) and put it above your bed where you don’t want to move from, where you’re stuck and have been for weeks now. I wonder if you just spoke the truth, your truth, if maybe things would feel better.

“Embrace Change” by Julia on the 351

Tuesday October 23, 2018
5 minutes
a BIRKS ad

I think the guts of me are changing
The literal guts of me and the figurative ones
The ones that weren’t there before are here now
You know when they say
It takes guts to do something like that
Well if you don’t have them does the thing every get done?
Now it feels like my guts are all happy to be in me
Knowing they’re going to be used for doing something
They are all on board and asking to be taken
Yes please take these guts and jump!
And my literal guts are different
Cause I give them what they need every day and they know that they’re not being used to filter out the wrong stuff
Before I think they did their job almost begrudgingly
It takes guts to do something like that
Fine I guess since we’re here we can but it’s really beyond our pay grade
Guts can’t work on everything for nothing
Now I know this
And I’m changing