“a constant nagging of hopelessness.” By Sasha at her kitchen table

Tuesday August 28, 2018
5 minutes
My Tongue’s Memory
Antonette Rea

You only feel hopeless in small doses, when you’re fighting with your girlfriend, or when you can’t seem to get on top of laundry. You’ve never felt it for a prolonged period of time. Your therapist says you’re lucky. You’ll take it. Sleep’s been illusive these past few weeks and you wonder if it has something to do with the forest fires. You had asthma as a kid. You thought you grew out of it, but you feel like you can’t get a deep breath, like you can’t get enough air.

“And we created a hybrid,” by Julia on D’s chair

Monday August 27, 2018
5 minutes
Poetry Is The Song Of The People
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Altogether in the forest
I remember us walking in a line linked like breakfast sausages
It wasn’t cold or I had on a good coat, I can’t exactly recall. But Illiah was wearing a red rope around his neck with a hangy medalian. a piece of wood with a stamp on it maybe.
and as we gathered around the mother tree, Jara started to sing and we all started to sing too. as if we knew the song. as if our bones were already in tune.I remember feeling like warm water was being poured over my head, cascading down and blanketing my spirit. I never wanted to leave. I never wanted to wake up.