“Our isolated human grandeur” by Julia on her patio

Saturday July 7, 2018
A quote by Thomas Berry

I can’t believe it’s come to this.
One million years and counting.
Or I was.
Maybe you aren’t anymore?

I never wanted to admit that I have been less
but I have been less
Less than I wanted to be
Less than you needed
We were building on the good ship lollipop
sailing somewhere together
on the open sea of hope and do betters
We were doing better

Perhaps this solo journey I’ve been taking at the same time has interfered
Whisked me away to the clouds and dreaming
Pushed me further into myself to question why anything was where it was
Why these lungs here?
Why this pull on my rib cage?
I thought I was busy finding myself but I was busy losing you
Caught asking too many questions in the good room
When you are in the good room, you are not supposed to ask questions.
It might jinx things.
It might put a hex on the whole damn house.

“Our isolated human grandeur” by Sasha at her kitchen table

Saturday July 7, 2018
5 minutes
A quote by Thomas Berry

I’m not sure about grandeur
I’m not sure about the sound of traffic
I’m not sure about how discontent the discontentment
feels especially at this hour especially after coming home

I’m sure about how I’ll never tire of your face
I’m sure about my love of you
I’m sure about love
I’m sure about my love of the Pacific North West

I’m not sure about isolation
I’m not sure about the lump in my throat
I’m not sure about the performed happiness
of this busy generation