“of crucial importance” by Sasha at Platform Seven

Saturday June 30, 2018
1:32pm at Platform Seven
5 minutes
Sex At Dawn
Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha 

“Katherine?! Is that you?! It’s of the most importance that you bring me up a gin and tonic. It’s after three! I haven’t had a drop and my hands are shaking!”

“Mrs. Cathers? It’s me, Monique? I’m here to make your dinner and give you a bath.”

“A bath?! Why in heaven’s name would I need a bath…”

“You haven’t bathed since Wednesday, when I was here!”

“Is that true! Good grief, no wonder I stink… But about that gin and tonic…”

“Katherine and Christopher decided not to buy alcohol anymore, remember?”


“It interferes with your medication – “