“Maybe it felt like too much power” by Sasha at her kitchen table

Friday June 29, 2018
5 minutes
Sheila Heti

On the days when I feel like the first drooping flower in the bouquet
On the days that a tight fist clenches in my throat and there’s no real reason why
On the days when the sun’s bright but the clouds in the mouth leave bad breath and dry words
On those days

What do we do on those days

One foot in front of the other
Moment by moment by moment

I see you flower and acknowledge your beauty despite your droop
Throat fist – I give myself over! You can have me! In fact, you make my voice sound funny and that makes me laugh!
Cloudy mouth – you help me to pause before I speak untruth

What do we do on these days

See a friend who makes beet brownies
Drink extra water
Stretch like a cat