“climbing into theirs” by Sasha on her couch

Monday June 11, 2018
5 minutes
Suburban Bitch Curse
Akhim Yussef Cabey

I’m never sure what you mean when you talk about climbing up into the loft, I’m never sure if you’re talking about here or at the farm or at Aunt Bev’s place. I’m sorry. I wish I knew. I’m glad you’re sleeping. I don’t know what they’ve given you today, this whole week really, but I’m so glad you’re finally sleeping. It was the worst when you first got here and you couldn’t rest. “Wired”, was how you described it and it’s how you looked. “Wired.” Poor soul. Did I tell you that Gemma called again? You really might want to call her back, Mike. It’s the fourth time she’s called this week and I’m guessing you aren’t texting or emailing either. You should’ve heard her voice. She sounded awful.