“Victory is ours” by Julia on her couch

Saturday June 9, 2018
5 minutes
Charlotte D. Staelin

If I got dismissed from my job I would lie and tell you I just didn’t want to work there anymore. I won’t tell you it was because I got caught stealing office supplies. You will think I’m better than I am for finally leaving a bad paying job. I will be both a liar and a thief. And it will be the best thing to happen to me. I need proof of my bad behaviour in the form of embarrassment. Maybe I want to be tortured by shame. Maybe I need it. Not having money is not a good place to be (morally) if you’re a kleptomaniac. It really makes you want to put on the tv and forget.
I wouldn’t tell you because you won’t understand that I would have celebrated my lack of reckoning. I might not ever have changed.