She warned me, ‘Have nothing to lose.’” by Sasha on the walk home

Thursday April 5, 2018
5 minutes
Among Women
Marie Ponsot

She warned me, “Have nothing to lose,” and I listened. I took it to heart, just like moss, and cumin, and the colour yellow.

So I keep it brief, I keep it light, I keep it safe. I keep files alphabetized, and sheets folded, and generally I keep to myself.

She warned me that if I loved something enough, it’d be sure to leave, just like she did. It was one of the last things she said and usually, if I’m pouring a glass or water, or weeding in the garden that’s the line I hear. Some people think about lyrics or poetry or have conversations with imaginary friends. Not me.

“She warned me, ‘Have nothing to lose.’” by Julia at her desk

Thursday April 5, 2018
5 minutes
Among Women
Marie Ponsot

tucked a daisy in my jacket pocket and said “this is for a rainy day”
didn’t seem to mind that it might not last that long in denim like this
i forgot it was in there and went about my day
picked up apples from the market
peeled the sweet potatoes that were growing eyes
the night became a different world
me in my own skin and bones rustling about the tiny kitchen
she, i decided, blessing newborns and the dying with her sweet
the next morning i awoke to the sun burning the sky and drawing sweat
from my neck
the pillow was wet and the seagulls were loud
I did not bring an umbrella
and of course, as it happens here, out of the blue
it started to rain
i understood what ‘out of the blue’ meant for the first time
shoved my hands in my pockets to keep dry
and there it was, waiting for me
a wilting daisy, still more alive than me