“hesitating to” by Julia on Amanda’s tub

Saturday December 30, 2017
5 minutes
From a tweet

Tell you the truth

Telling myself first


Believing you’re right

Believing I’m wrong

Go to the bathroom

Leaving the moment

Leaving the bar

Say something I’ll regret

To let you get away with it all

To let you have the last word

To agree with you


Cry in front of you

Tell you about the hurt

Relive the hurt

Let you see me hurt

Be hurt

Ask for clarification

To cry when you cry

To hug you

To tell you I love you

To relive the past

To share what I’m feeling

To apologize



Order another drink

Let you leave in anger

Keep you there in anger





Ask you to write me something

Ask you to read something

Admit I don’t know

“hesitating to” by Sasha on her floor

Saturday December 30, 2017
5 minutes
From a tweet

Is there a hesitation?

Only a cherry pit at the bottom of a glass.

Some people never change.

I’ve said sorry a thousand time and now I’m not even sure what the word means.

“Sore” “eee”.
“So” “Re”.

What’s in the middle of the sandwich?

Sorry sorry sorry I’m so sorry.

I think I’ll stop.

Wash the dishes listening to loud music letting the soap splash all over.

Heed my love’s advice to stop apologizing and start moving.

Buy some good olives.

“Out beyond the rightdoing and wrongdoing there is a field”
it’s full of wildflowers
I’ll meet you there.