“continues scheming to win” by Julia on Amanda’s toilet

Saturday December 23, 2017


5 minutes

a Bard on the Beach program

Stomach empty, churning

butter into bitter

bitter into bit

Hungry belly begs

Hungry heart quakes

More or something like it

good or something close

Full feels faraway and fleeing

Catch me if you pay attention

Stomach empty, churning

Wanting wishing waiting

asking for a morsel

eating itself quiet

sucking the bones dry

“continues scheming to win” by Sasha at Elysian

Saturday December 23, 2017
3:36pm at Elysian 5th and Burrard
5 minutes
From a Bard on the Beach program

It’s all about winning for you
Being the best of the best of the best
It’s all about competition to you
Whose got the highest score
The best lines
The searing jokes
The this the the this that that

It’s all about rising to you
And that’s easy to glorify
I did I do I did did do
But when I look closer
I see the oozing self consciousness
The fear
The smallness small small tiny smallness

It’s all about anger to you
Not even sure what the difference is anymore
Being or being angry
You dump all over all all over over over
Until it’s all red all best all small all fear

Only in distance can I see it
Up close it’s ha-ha yes yes okay um maybe sure
Up close it’s feel good
Far away it’s oh oh tastes metal tastes burned tastes cheap

It’s always been about winning for you
So hard to give a compliment
So hard to give a something something real something good