“We create all this poison and spread it to others” by Julia on Q’s couch

Friday December 8, 2017
5 minutes
The Four Agreements
Don Miguel Ruiz

Here’s a little feather caught tight in the zipper of your backpack. Feel it rip and tear when you try to pull it out. Lose a part of yourself. Lose a part of what you need.

It’s a purple little feather.

It’s soft and light. It wants to be

given to a three year old to put on

a Christmas card for his mom. Let him tell you that he wants to use it

because it would make his mother happy. Let him feel like you weren’t

trying to hoard it for yourself or for

a different kid.

Here’s a ruined purple feather sitting

lifeless at the heel of your boot.

Tell it you’re sorry.

Tell it you weren’t thinking.