“The children are the adventure now.” By Julia on her couch

Thursday December 7, 2017
5 minutes
Mating in Captivity
Esther Perel

She was cute, wasn’t she?

Yeah I guess. I was kind of grossed out though.

By her tongue?

Yes by her tongue. I didn’t like how she was folding it all around and stuff like, all that drool all over her hands.

It’s true, that tongue thing was like, right, this is next level, kids will lick anything.

Yeah it made me wish I could just keep talking to you, you know keep the adult conversation going.

But you were so good with her.

I mean, I stuck my tongue out at a little pudding cup standing in line at the post office. I was barely good with her.

But she was all eyes on you.

Because I’m at her eye level.

No because you were real with her.