“Teach a man to fish.” by Julia on her couch

Wednesday December 6, 2017
5 minutes
A Hologram For The King
Dave Eggers

He is on my my mind

on my ink like a leech

yanking it out of me

I can’t stop pumping blood

for him to suck

It’s as if I do it cause I

know he likes the taste

Keep him fed

glad he saw what I had

and got thirsty

Want him to want

me and it’s easy like

the morning after

Like the minute before

awake and remembering

Like the bed was behind

a moat or a wall of thorns

We thought no one was

going to get in

We thought no one was

even going to know that

we were here

And the blood keeps leaving

me and I don’t want to rip

one more thing off