“I’m superstitious” by Sasha at her desk

Sunday July 16, 2017
5 minutes
The Artist’s Way
Julia Cameron

I’m not superstitious or anything but I mean, hit by lightning? In a place that hasn’t had rain in almost five months? I’m sorry… That’s some sort of sign. The doctors keep asking what I felt in that moment, when I was struck, and there’s aren’t words for it. A hot shower? A wild kiss? Shaving your head? I think I said all those things, but they don’t do it, they can’t explain. They say that once you’ve been hit you’re more likely to be hit again.

“My unexpressed anger at nothing in particular.” By Sasha on her couch

Saturday July 15, 2017
5 minutes
No one belongs here more than you
Miranda July

I make an appointment with the chaos
and then I’m late
and sweaty
and I have the lines from
an ill-fitting bicycle helmet
on my forehead
“It’s not a good look”
I whisper

I’m pregnant with a tadpole
and it’s little tad tail
hangs out of me sometimes

There’s a lot of unknowns
and I bought a postcard
that said
and then I never did

When your body looks like mine
and when it swells and wanes
and waxes and bleeds and grows
and falls and gives and gives
Sometimes men pretend that
they are not looking
and sometimes they just
look like they are gulping
with their eyeballs
glug glug

“Stanley stepped carefully” by Sasha at work

Friday July 14, 2017
5 minutes
Louis Sacher

Stanley carefully stepped into the water. He wasn’t sure about any of this. When Uncle Jim had asked if he would like to come with them to the beach that weekend, instead of staying in the city, he hadn’t said yes. Babs, Stanley’s mother, had quickly chimed in, “He would love to!” Stanley knew that Babs wanted some time to herself, to take a bath, eat some salt and vinegar chips, maybe watch a rom com. He didn’t blame her. Moreover, Stanley knew that Jim was a good influence on him. Stanley had never swum in the ocean before, despite living four hours away. Babs was once violently stung by a jellyfish, so she had no interest in a beach vacation.