“Not even sure” by Sasha on her balcony

Sunday July 9, 2017
5 minutes
Overheard on West 14th

Maggie makes a face at herself in the reflection of the window. It’s her third overnight shift in a row and she has that sandy feeling in her eyes. The intercom buzzes.

“Hello and welcome to Cupcakes on the Go, how can I serve you?”

“I need thirty six chocolate cupcakes, please, and one red velvet.”

“I’m sorry, sir, we only have – …” Maggie motions for Jamal to check the chocolate count.

“We only have three chocolate cupcakes left tonight.”

“But, but, I need thirty six, I need thirty six chocolate cupcakes and one red velvet.”

“The bakers won’t be in until five, sir. My apologies.”

“Do you have the red velvet?”

Jamal nods, but gives a look like he isn’t sure about this guy. Maybe he’s doing a prank. Maybe he’s going to shoot us with a water gun or something and film it and send it to one of those comedy websites.

“he finally asked me if I wanted these defects of character removed” by Sasha on her couch

Saturday July 8, 2017
5 minutes
Alcoholics Anonymous

“He finally asked me if I wanted these defects of character removed and I said, ‘Yes, yes I do’. He looked me deep in the eye like there was something beyond, like there was gold inside me, and he said, ‘Okay, please follow me’. I followed him down a long hallway, the longest hallway I have ever walked. Finally, we got to a yellow door. ‘Open the door,’ he said and so I did. Inside was a big white room. A woman greeted us. ‘Would you like a glass of water, Alice?’ She asked. ‘Why, yes,’ I said, ‘I am parched.’ The man smiled. It was a smile that was neither here nor there but also where and who… That’s what I thought. That’s what I remember thinking. Saying it now I know it doesn’t make logical sense, but something about this place was not at all logical.”

“I didn’t want to wait in that line either” by Sasha at work

Friday July 7, 2017
5 minutes
Overheard at Vancouver international airport

Marylou is sure that the recycling bin needs to be on the curb by 7AM.
She drinks her smoothie (banana, coconut water, pineapple, some protein powder) and wonders if Derek is going to take it out or if she should. Again.
Marylou sees Earl across the street wheeling out his and Anne’s bin. He’s whistling. Marylou wonders what his bum looks like, under his khaki shorts.