“I have a friend who loves your photography” by Julia on the dock lounger

Thursday June 29, 2017
5 minutes
from a text

Maggie’s always making friends with photographers. Her dream is that one of them will consider her their muse and either always snap candids of her looking warm and stunning or always want to take her portrait for free. She tried one year to befriend painters after she saw her ex boyfriend captured so perfectly. She made a couple jokes at first, dropping her interest like a fallen pen. The artist wasn’t taking requests so she had to try and convince him without seeming desperate. Sorry, he said, Curly hair is too hard to draw.

“not a permanent” by Julia in her bed

Wednesday June 28, 2017
5 minutes
from an email /i>

we ghost through each other’s bones more times when the we care to admit.
I told you it was only ever going to be this.
you said we had enough time.
I didn’t expect you that night or that week but I had already seen you coming.
because I dreamed you.
I asked for you.
I made sure to be grateful.
I made sure to count my pizzas
and every time you locked me in from the outside. And how you’d rush home at once to set me free.