“When I’m stressed” by Julia on the 99

Friday April 28, 2017
5 minutes
Look Outside Pt. 1
Rory Frances

Gina: Eden, stop chewing on your hair. You’ll swallow a huge glob of it one day and then you’ll choke on it and die.
Eden: Mind your own business. Do I tell you what to do?
Gina: Yes. You do.
Eden: I mean with your life. I don’t tell you things you should be deciding for yourself.
Gina: You would if I had as gross as a habit as you do. Don’t you know how dirty your hair is?
Eden: Hair isn’t dirty at all, brainiack! It touches my head, that’s it!
Gina: And your hands, and your clothes, and the air filled with carcinogenic smokes!

“When I’m stressed” by Sasha at her desk

Friday April 28, 2017
5 minutes
Look Outside Pt 1
Rory Frances

I’ll smack your entitlement right out of your
mouth punch your smug smile from those tight lips.
I’ll do it with words and squinty eyes and I’ll do it
with the very fact that I am better than you
at everything. I won’t actually smack you or punch
you, come on you know I’m a pacifist. Come on, you know
I’m trying to get better. I’ll taser you with my goodness.
I’ll roll you a spliff of the best kind of care.
I’m able to get down like that, sweet nothing. I’m able,
oh yes. You, standing tall with those wide shoulders,
you’re used to “people like me” fawning over your jaw,
and your dimples. Nope. Not this time. Not this person.
I won’t apologize after the smoking and the smacking
and the punching and the nothing. I’ll sing you a
lullaby. I’ll walk away. I’ll turn back. I’ll say,
“You’re an asshole.”

“an advanced degree in creative writing” by Sasha on her balcony

Thursday April 26, 2017
5 minutes
Big Magic
Elizabeth Gilbert

Sitting on her bed, the woman shoves
chocolate chip cookies into her mouth
one two three four five six seven.
She barely chews, inhaling the
sweet soft hardness, exhaling
the loneliness, the fatigue,
the face and the feet.
The woman has just been accepted
to an advanced creative writing program.
Three, in fact. She tastes the imposter.
She tastes the unlovable. She tastes
the big body big story big in a world
where she is only wanted if she is
small. She tastes the failure of the
places where she has not been accepted.
She catches herself. She sweeps crumbs from
the bedspread and walks to the bathroom.