“$1.6 million in prizes” by Sasha in the basement at Bowmore

Monday April 10, 2017
5 minutes
From the sign on Mac’s Convenience

When you win the lottery, you are the kind of woman who still works. You cut back to part time. Three or four days a week. You supply the break room with seasonal treats, healthy ones, except at Halloween and Easter. No one knows who to credit, and you smile as Isaiah and Sean make guesses. You do your research and you give to a different charity every year. You sponsor a Syrian family to come to Canada, and you meet them at the airport thirteen months later and the little girl with braids down her back hugs you and calls you “Aunty”. You stop buying drugstore lipstick. You don’t feel badly about the money you spend on food. You have a gym membership and a yoga membership, even though you only do both once or twice a week.