“we’ve never properly met though.” By Sasha at her kitchen table

Sunday April 2, 2017
5 minutes
From a text

“I’ve noticed you for months, but I don’t think we’ve ever properly met?” You reach out your hand and it’s cold. I don’t know if I expected warmth, or if that’s just a fantasy. Warmth.

“How’re you liking it here so far? I know Teddy can be a baboon.” You sit beside me and my arm feels as though it’s turned to ice.

“He’s fine. It’s fine.” I choke on my asparagus salad.

You pass me my glass of water. I drink.

“Are you coming to Krystina’s thing tomorrow night?”

“I didn’t know – …”

“Oh, well, you should come. I’ll be there.”

I am supposed to go to Pilates. Deb is going to kill me.

“Sure, I’ll come…”

You smile, Cheshire Cat. You lean in close and whisper,

“You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”