winners are allowed acceptance speeches” by Sasha at her desk

Friday March 3, 2017
5 minutes

He had cue cards tucked into the breast pocket of his jacket. He was wearing cufflinks with opals, for fuck’s sake. He was trying not to bite his lower lip, a habit that he wished he didn’t have as he felt it only endearing on someone under the age of twenty three. Scott looked incredible tonight – hair freshly cut, a bit of rugged stubble. He grabbed Scott’s hand under the table. Scott winked back. “It’s almost time, right?” Scott said. Maybe he was thinking of the babysitter, or maybe he was thinking about his own fatigue, after a day in court. “Todd?” Scott cocked his head to one side. “Yes, yes. Almost time,” Todd said. Across the table, Mabel blew Todd a kiss. “You got this,” she mouthed.