“I’m interested to hear” by Julia on the 99

Friday January 20, 2017
5 minutes
overheard in the kitchen

How your day was how your night was if you love me
If you wonder what I’m doing
If you care
I think I laughed too hard
At too many jokes that weren’t meant for me
I think I wasted too many times
Where I wondered what I was doing
And why
And how
And why
I’m interested to hear why we are where we are as if distance has some
secret crowd of resistance
It’s hard to know where we stand
Where the positivity lies or where it fails
Hard to know that we don’t know much about anything even though in context that saves lives
I’m interested to hear if you’ve forgiven him for what he’s done to you or if he’s just forgotten that his actions have consequences because so many of them before him do not.
I’m interested to hear if you love me, if you think anything is worth listening to,
If the world thinks there’s greatness close by…