“not just the punch line.” By Sasha in her bed

Friday December 30, 2016
5 minutes
Humans of New York

Jimmy thinks he’s funny but he’s not. It’s the worst, that, right? He keeps texting and saying that he’s doing the Open Mic at Dooney’s and why don’t Jen and I come… I’m like, “Um, I think we’re busy!”

It’s not just his punch lines, it’s his set up. And the whole story that he tells… It’s everything! It’s awful! He doesn’t go for the jugular. He makes a mockery out of this whole place and all the guys that we grew up with. Like they have any other choice but to work in the mine? I mean Jimmy worked there too before he got that stupid job at Toyota! Why does he come back here to do the Open Mic if he thinks this place is so dumb?