“improve life for their families.” by Julia on Jess’s couch

Wednesday January 4, 2017
5 minutes
From a Kiva.org card

You could call them and tell them you miss them you wish they didn’t have to be so far you could write them and tell them you love them even if they don’t like letters and don’t write you back you could send them a song with a joke in the middle and make them laugh with how good your rhyming is or you could ship them a box of something that you baked while you were waiting for the news and include them in the experience somehow you could call them and say you miss them and that you love them and that Christmas is not the best time you’ve ever chosen to stay away or you could tell that you need them to come and visit you so you can show them that the life you’re living is still a good one even though they aren’t as close as they used to be you could hold them when you see them and stay forever in the heart of the place that keeps you young