“They will be sent” by Julia at Bec’s Table

Sunday January 1, 2017
5 minutes
a Google Drive notification

Heva told Daniel that if he didn’t stop sending her love notes she would send all of them to the principal. She wasn’t one for messing around, even in the third grade. If Heva wrote back to all of Daniel’s or anyone’s notes she wouldn’t have time to finish her assignments and still have time to read a chapter! She had to draw the line in the sand. She had to make it clear from the start or she would flunk out of school! Of course Heva knew she was well-liked by most of the boys in her class, but she didn’t have time to like any of them back.

“Hit the road Jack” by Julia on Amanda’s futon

Saturday December 31, 2016
5 minutes
From a record

If I meet a boy named Jack I will never sing for him to hit the road.
If I meet a girl named Diane I will think of something better to sing her than John Mellencamp.
If I meet a boy named Joe I will never tell him he is average or that he is work or that he is rhymable with everything you’d rather not be.
If I meet a girl named Jack I will never sing for her to hit the road.