“Can you bring your shredder?” by Julia on the 99

Friday December 23, 2016
5 minutes
From a text

I was checking my closet for items that would work…she did say “shredder” right? I threw every sparkly thing I owned onto the bed and went to town on my drawers that were full of crap from God knows where. Pulled out some satin gloves, a tasseled thong, a couple of giant buckles for whatever the fuck I was planning to do with those. “Shredder?” I repeated it to myself over and over. I looked it up online, I couldn’t find anything that matched the description. No one was talking about “shredders” and if they were, it was very deep in the dark web and I didn’t exactly have time to venture there. “Can you bring your shredder?” I asked myself one more time. My what, though?