“leftover Hamburger Helper garbage” By Julia on her couch

Tuesday December 13, 2016
5 minutes
Summer OF My Amazing Luck
Miriam Toews

Danika and I couldn’t believe her mom would let us have the house to ourselves for the weekend. The ENTIRE weekend. We were drunk on freedom and cotton balls and anything from the medicine cabinet that we could have turned into crafts or art. The first night we both had double chocolate fudge ice cream for dinner and a can of whipped cream EACH for dessert. What a life! We didn’t think to get an emergency number from Danika’s mom before she left, or find out where exactly she was going to be for this long without worrying about her 9 year old kid and her best friend. My mom would never let us stay by ourselves. So we didn’t tell my mom that Danika’s mom left a note on the kitchen table that she had scrawled in messy writing saying “Gone for the weekend, Hamburger Helper on the stove.”

“can you turn the brightness of your screen down?” By Julia in her bed

Monday December 12, 2016
5 minutes
Said by Joe

I walk into a room and I own it because I know what I’m capable of and you say first and foremost to calm down
Or to talk quieter
Or to try harder
And then
That’s when I know you can’t handle me and I don’t need you to and if you try to you’ll have to die first
You think I’m a threat so you keep dimming my light
Isn’t that the way it goes?
You too young to know how stupid it is to be a man of jealousy and insecurity?
How stupid it is to be so wounded when lifting her would lift you up even more?