“Are we lost?” by Julia on her bed

Thursday November 10, 2016
5 minutes
Overheard on the 84

You’re in the other room watching old episodes of The Office. You’re laughing. I love you more than I tell you I do. I love you more often and more vigorously. And more genuinely. I’m in our bedroom and I realize I hate how we have nothing on our walls but everything on our floor and there were 3 silver fish in a row tonight and we could use a good sweep. I’m to blame for everything being everywhere. I even walked around in my shoes after I had visited the ocean. You did it too. This one is both of us. I love you more than I’m able to express. Which is to say, you might have misunderstood my intentions based on my tone or my diction but my intentions have only ever been to keep you close to me. And to be kissed by you.