“it was really a labour of love” by Julia at Studio 1965

Saturday November 5, 2016
5 minutes
An interview in Room magazine with Deni Loubert

We can hear the church bells from our house. Only one church in the town so I know I’m not wrong. Maury likes to tell me, when we hear them ringing– I hear wedding bells!–and t reminds me of my grade five teacher, Mrs. Ritter who used to tease our class that we were all going to marry each other any time she saw any of us whispering in the corner.

It’s been 6 years since Talia left. She didn’t say goodbye, she just let her empty bedroom do the talking- we both knew, Maury and I, that this town was too small for her but we didn’t think she’d ever forget to tell us that she’d write. Maury thinks that was her way of saying we smothered her, but the way he looks down his nose at me makes it clear he thinks that it’s my fault she’s gone; like I’m the one who put the ‘S’ in that word.