“the waiting room and the forms” by Julia in the air bnb in Winnipeg

Friday October 28, 2016
5 minutes
from LENNY Interview with Amanda Nguyen

Last time I was here the form asked what I used as contraception and the woman sitting right beside me was also reading that question and in unison we both said out loud: ABSTINENCE! And then we both laughed because we didn’t mean to say it out loud all but then there was an accidental performance of our sentiments and obvious life experiences and we felt an ease that was otherwise unavailable in the waiting room full of people waiting to find out some bad news or good news or respond to questions with good answers or with bad answers.
When I got out of my appointment that woman was still there, waiting for me. I smiled at her and then she asked if we could walk out together. As we exited the building she said: so is it lack of options? And I said: obviously. And she said: well have you ever considered—I mean–have you ever thought..inside the box?