“butler service, gourmet dining” by Julia on the plane

Sunday October 23, 2016
5 minutes
Westjet magazine

I don’t want money
I just want to be able to buy things
I don’t want money

Yesterday I slept over at Laura’s house
Not a house
Laura’s mansion
Her grandparents invented The Ponytail
or something like that
Something that makes money
I slept in a bed bigger than my
whole house
Laura asked if I wanted
to try running away with her
again and I said for once
I would really really like
to stay

I don’t want money
I just want to be able to want things
I don’t want money

When Elsie came back from the
bathroom she had devised a
plan for our
Office Heist
She said if I tackled the pens
she would make sure we
had enough paper
to last us for our entire lives
I told her I didn’t know how
to get them
and she smiled sideways
Just show me some charm
And some leg

“eat off the counter” by Julia in her bed

Saturday October 22, 2016
5 minutes
from a list of instructions

Jo was standing over the sink eating spoonful after spoonful of apple crisp. She studied each crumb on the counter, each one on her tank top. She didn’t want to use a plate. She didn’t want to sit down. Her mind wasn’t capable of instructing her at all. Nothing was making sense. Nothing felt possible. Jo wished Kyla hadn’t asked her if she could crash at her place.