“shouldn’t cost you money” by Julia on the 2

Tuesday October 11, 2016
5 minutes
from a Tangerine ad

I am writing this outside your window
You are sleeping
It is dark
You left the light on
I keep thinking you will look out
And find me here
I don’t know why but that would break my heart
Maybe slightly more than you thinking I was still gone
I have been gone for longer than I realize
When people ask me how much time has passed since then and now
I surprise myself with the forgetting
That it is no longer yesterday and nothing is new anymore
I wonder if you’re dreaming of something you’ll remember when you wake up
I wonder if you’ll use the notebook beside your bed to reincarnate one of the scenes you built when your eyes were closed
I wonder if you’ve ever thought to read one of my journals marked Nightmares
I wonder if you’ve ever thought to open up the medicine cabinet and
Remove the post-it telling you that I love you